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Australia has yet another Minister For Promoting Nuclear Energy, Gary Gray




we thought we would have a Minister for ALL Resources and Energy – such as for Renewable Energy. But we thought wrong!

New Federal Resources and Energy Minister Gary Gray says he supports nuclear energy industry, Adelaide Now, by Valerina Changarathil, 1 May 13,   FEDERAL Resources and Energy Minister Gary Gray has thrown his support behind developing a nuclear energy industry in Australia but says it will happen in a “timely fashion”.

Minister Gray’s comments came in response to a question at the South Australian Resources and Energy Investment Conference specifically about considering changes to current legislation that prohibits nuclear power generation in Australia given the power requirements of the resources industry.

“Yes. I am a real optimist for the future of the uranium mining industry,” Mr Gray said. He said he was pleased to see approval for the latest uranium project by SA company Toro Energy in WA had passed “through the system”.

“We can’t discount the importance of what is happening in the global uranium markets,” he said.

The global uranium industry is currently reviewing its processes after the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster in Japan triggered by the earthquake in 2011.

 Mr Gray said the review would “drive an enlightened uranium market”. “That in itself will create commercial opportunities in our country, which of itself will drive action from government and regulators that will support development of those industries.

“I am optimistic that we will get (power) generation issues attended to and that it will be done in a timely fashion.”

Labor is opposed to nuclear power generation……

At the uranium conference on Monday, SA Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis said there was no business case for nuclear enrichment facilities here and that it was not commercially viable.

“I don’t see a case for it in the near future,” he said, although he has expressed support for it in the past.

“We’ve got to value-add here in SA. Down the track, I would like to see some form of enrichment, some sort of value-add. We have to go out and passionately support the uranium industry,” he said at a conference in 2011……

Mr Gray has been in the role for a month and replaced Martin Ferguson who was sacked.

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