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Greg Hunt and the Liberal Coalition’s plans to sabotage renewable energy

ballot-boxSmPolitics of solar: Milne, Hunt and the CEFC, REneweconomy, By   24 May 2013  “……The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC)  this week released its investment policies, which include as a rough guideline a minimum $20 million investment by the agency, and targeting projects of around $200 million.

But the CEFC is now the subject of a fierce political battle, with the Coalition repeating its vow to not just disband the CEFC, but also to dishonour contracts entered into by the CEFC, and to repatriate money not spent by the time the “caretaker” period ahead of the September poll begins on August 12.

Hunt-Greg-climateCoalition climate spokesman Greg Hunt spoke to the audience about the need for investment certainty and removing sovereign risk, but the Coalition’s two biggest policy proposals – removal of the CEFC and having yet another review of the renewable energy target in 2014 – are creating just that…..

Hunt was asked three times to clarify his position on the RET, and whether that included support for the 41,000GWh target. To which he replied each time, “we are committed to the 20 per cent target, and have proposed no changes.”

But despite his desire to have “investment certainty”, he reiterated the Coalition’s preference to have a 2-yearly review rather than a four yearly review recommended by the Climate Change Authority – and endorsed although not yet legislated by the government. It is this very prospect of yet another review in a year’s time – and the fear of a more favourable response to the utilities’ demands to lower the fixed target in response to falling demand – which is currently stalling investment.

He also repeated his intention to disband the CCA, as well as the various clean technology programs which had been facilitating investment in rooftop solar and energy efficiency programs on commercial rooftops – a program that has been warmly embraced by the manufacturing sector….

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