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Paul Langley investigates Australian govt’s cover-up of Maralinga atomic radiation deaths.

highly-recommendedA Message to Australians from the British Government Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog 25 May 13 “The Royal Commission does not answer the questions that arise from the deaths and injuries resultant from the repeated nuclear bombing of Australia by Britain.”

Dr Cutter of the Aboriginal Health Service, Alice Springs, testified that mass deaths of Aboriginal people occurred at the time. There are reports of mass graves. Britain took 10 years to not answer the question of the location of the mass graves….”

Maralinga signChristina Macpherson 25 May 13,  I highly recommend this article, in which  Paul Langley reports on his own research into the effects of the Black Mist fallout cloud of 1953. One court case proved injury to a claimant, but the legal proceedings in this case have been suppressed from the record.

Langley has first-hand witnesses of the radiation injuries, to civilians and military, and of government suppression of information on this.

Yet by 2006 the higher rate of cancer among nuclear test veterans was confirmed by the government’s own survey.
Langley’s efforts to uncover the facts about Aboriginal victims’ health, following exposure, were met with blocking. Yet Langley knew that documents did exist, discussing this, in correspondence between Senator Chaney and the South Australian Health Commission.

He reports that all the medical records of the Maralinga radiation victims treated at Port Augusta hospital have mysteriously disappeared, as have also exposure dose records of all Australian Service Personnel. Langley assumes that these records do exist, but are now held in the UK, by the Ministry of Defence.

Langley’s conclusion – “the Australian government was a fifth column in this nation on behalf of the British government.”

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