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A win for wind in Victoria – Coonooer Bridge community wind farm

WIND-FARMFinally! First new wind farm approved under Baillieu’s anti-wind laws   21 June 13, The Victorian Wind Alliance has today welcomed the approval of a new wind farm project near Bendigo – the first since the Baillieu anti-wind laws were passed.

The Coonooer Bridge wind farm – a small five-turbine project – was approved by the Buloke Shire Council overnight, the first to be approved since former premier Ted Ballieu’s restrictive laws were introduced in 2011.

Victorian Wind Alliance state coordinator Andrew Bray said that Victoria should be approving many more wind farms.“These laws were costing the state billions in investment, thousands of manufacturing jobs and income for regional farmers and communities.

“It’s great that we are going to have a new wind farm near Bendigo, as it would provide certain and steady income to a regional community and clean renewable energy.“The project will combine community and corporate ownership and is part owned by the local community which means the profits will stay in the community.

“There are 30 owners to the new wind farm – and the turbines will benefit not only those whose land the turbines rest, but on rest of the community who are part owners of the site.

“There are communities like this one around Victoria who would love to take advantage of the wind to make energy and money. “Community owned wind power is hugely popular in Europe and could work well for Victorian communities.

“However it is disappointing that other communities cannot realise these benefits because of the current Baillieu anti-wind laws.“Many people around the state are calling for farms in their area, and all the investment, income and employment that comes with it,” said Mr Bray.

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