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Victorian Liberal Sarah Henderson supports the anti wind farm campaign

logo-election-Aust-13wind-farm-evil-1Pollie Watch: Coalition candidate for Corangamite backs Baillieu’s anti-wind farm laws 21, 2013 by  The Coalition candidate for Corangamite Sarah Henderson‘s support for renewable energy is in question as it was revealed she endorses Ted Baillieu’s controversial anti-wind farm laws. The revelation emerged in a community forum in Torquay on 13 August, in which Sarah  Henderson expressed her support for the restrictive laws, saying that wind farms were “dividing communities.”

Of course, the only thing dividing communities are anti-wind campaigners and the restrictive laws preventing farmers from  a drought-proof income stream. Ms Henderson’s claim wind farms divide communities ignores all of the available public polling which shows that three quarters of the community support more wind farms. Wind farms are even highly popular among Coalition voters.

The anti-wind farm laws Ms Henderson thinks is “good” policy has already affected one local proposal. Ted Baillieu’s anti-wind farm laws killed off the Surf Coast Energy Group‘s proposal for a community-owned wind farm, denying farmers a chance for a steady income as well as costing jobs in manufacturing, construction and maintenance.

Victoria’s restrictive wind farm laws also have implications for the Surf Coast Air Action group, who will release a detailed report on how Anglesea’s coal mine and power plant could be replaced by renewable energy sources, including wind energy.

Henderson’s endorsement of Victoria’s anti-wind farm laws may lead some to speculate whether her stance is influenced by her partner, state MP Simon Ramsay.

Mr Ramsay is associated with anti-wind farm campaigns. In 2012, Victoria’s shadow planning minister Brian Tee accused Mr Ramsay of misusing his parliamentary position to campaign against a wind farm near his property near Colac.

Poll after poll shows strong public support for wind farms. Yes 2 Renewables encourage Ms Henderson to reexamine her stance and adopt a position that aligns with mainstream views. It’s time for political leadership on wind energy, not more pandering to a noisy band of anti-wind farm campaigners.

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Live in Corangamite and support renewable energy?… Let Sarah Henderson know where you stand:

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