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Nuclear and climate news in this election week


NUCLEAR and URANIUM Well, you’d be forgiven for thinking that no Australian political party is the slightest bit interested in nuclear and uranium issues.  However, there’s an underlying push in the Liberal Party to overturn Australia’s law against importing international nuclear wastes.  And some Labor heavies join in that push. The Liberal Coalition’s goals of weakening environmental regulation will of course impact on the uranium mining industry.   The Australian Greens remain steadfast – in both opposing these dirty and dangerous industries, and in promoting clean and practicable renewableenergy solutions.  Choose Nuclear Free is the place to go  For detailed analysis of party policies.

Both Liberal Coalition and Labor are hellbent on getting rid of  Scott Ludlam from the Senate.  That’s understandable. He is far too intelligent, far too articulate – and worse too ethical, too courteous.  The mad monk could well say of Ludlam – “Who will rid me of this troublesome priest?”

CLIMATE.   Words almost fail me (you might be glad to know?) But Tony Abbot has abdicated from any pretense of action on climate change.  I don’t think he’s all that bright. He thinks that the environment, climate change, action etc, might be tacked on at the end of he economy, if there’s  a bit of spare money.  He has no concept of teh basic role of environment and climate underlying the economy.

By the way – Tony’s a Rhodes scholar. You might think that that means he’s really intelligent.  However – major criteria for Rhodes scholarship are not so much brains.  More emphasis is on ” fondness for and success in sports” and on ” instincts to lead”.  – i.e. desire To Be Topp


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