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Western Australia’s South West could prosper as renewable energy hub- Greens candidate

map-WA-solarlogo-election-Aust-13The South West could be a flagship region for renewable energy ABC South West WA By Sharon Kennedy and David Bone, 5 September, 2013 Greens candidate Gordon Taylor is passionate about achieving 100 per cent renewable energy generation “…… he is passionate about renewable energy. “There is potential for this area of the South West to be a flagship zone,” he says.

The Greens are not single issue, he adds, with over 150 fully costed policies covering such issues as housing, dental care and asylum seekers……


On the question of one of the region’s traditional industries, timber, he again sees the need for plantations and other renewables. “I think in the long term, because of the gradual decline of our forests, there has to be a point where we move in other directions – we create employment in other ways – hopefully through renewable energies.” A Greens presence in the Senate will help to keep a balance, says Mr Taylor. Voters have the option of voting for a major party in the Lower House but casting 1 for Scott Ludlum in the Senate to “keep that green edge in the parliament which is so needed now”……

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  1. G’Day! Antinuclear,
    Neat Post, HI.
    I’m in country South west Australia. I’m addicted to anime. i guess you could say I’m an otaku, but i still have a social life.
    I was wandering if there are any animes on TV. I have recently got digital TV and i think i remember seeing an add for code geass, but i can’t remember what channel time and i haven’t seen the add since.
    Please if you know of any anime on TV. let me know
    Catch you again soon!


    Comment by Barry Nicholson | September 6, 2013 | Reply

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