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Film ‘The Way The Wind Blows’ counters the myths about Waubra wind farm

FilmThe truth about Waubra… Locals set record straight on wind farm Those who have followed the rollout of wind energy in Australia would have heard of the quaint Victorian town of Waubra–the location of one of Australia’s largest wind farms. Producing enough clean electricity to for 143,000 households, more than enough to power Ballarat, Waubra’s 128 wind turbines offset a massive 635,000 tonnes of carbon emissions each year which would have been generated by burning coal in the LaTrobe Valley.


While the town should be known for its leadership role addressing climate change and repowering Australia with renewable energy, its name has been tarnished by anti-wind farm lobbyists.

astroturf-windIn 2010, the Waubra Foundation was formed  by Peter Mitchell–a fossil fuel investor and wind farm opponent–and has unleashed a scare campaign about the alleged health risk of wind energy ever since. The organisation coopted the town’s name without consent of it residents. Unfortunately for locals, the town is linked to a so-called wind farm noise disease rather than its strong community and quality produce.

This all could be about the change.

Over a year in the making, independent filmmaker Neil Barrett has interviewed wind farmers, neighbours and locals to get to the bottom of the negative claims surrounding the project. Barratt has produced a short film entitles The Way The Wind Blows which counters the myths and gives locals a voice for the first time. The short film is a must view.

September 21, 2013 - Posted by | Audiovisual, Victoria

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