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Adverse health effects in Japan following Fukushima nuclear radiation catastrophe

Fukushima-water-tanks,-workAP: Fukushima unleashed radiation that will affect region’s health for decades — Book: Effects seem to be rapidly increasing
 September 30th, 2013

Hiroshima to Fukushima,a, Science Policy Reports (2014): Incidences of adverse health effects seem to be increasing rapidly at the time of writing (March 2013), 2 years after the accident. Thyroid anomalies among children are now widespread and observed all over Japan. Sudden heart failure seems to be increasing among the young, too. Chronic fatigue syndrome is also becoming prevalent. All kinds of infectious diseases are increasing, very likely due to weakening of the immune systems in many people […] No official data are yet available, but a large number of cases of adverse health effects have been reported, such as severe nose bleeding, hair loss, severe fatigue syndrome, acute heart failure, acute lymphatic leukemia, systemic collagenosis, spontaneous abortion, and congenital malformation.

See also: Reporters in Japan write about rise in birth defects for 2011 — University won’t publish data on malformed babies after many years of doing so; Not releasing figures for Fukushima, other prefectures — Expert: This is ridiculous

Associated Press, Sept. 26, 2013: […] the March 2011 Fukushima disaster unleashed radiation that will affect the region’s health for decades. […] it is impossible to know what the health toll will ultimately be. Only recently has the government acknowledged that much more radioactive water is leaking into the sea than it had previously believed. […] Some medical experts are worried about sickness that may emerge in coming years […] Shuntaro Hida, 96, was among the doctors who treated the people of Hiroshima […] He said Hiroshima never fully faced up to the effects of internal radiation, and that same mistake is being repeated in Fukushima.

See also: Fukushima Mother’s Plea to U.N.: Children and adults are suffering tremendously — Sharp increase in bloody urine, bone pain, more — Doctor says many have similar symptoms with unknown causes — Family’s health deteriorated all at once, recovered soon after moving

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