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Tony Abbott’s racist remarks are deliberate, not just blunders

Woolombi Waters says Tony Abbott is at it again but don’t think for a moment these are gaffes The Stringer by Dr Woolombi Waters September 3rd, 2014 A little over a month ago it was reported Tony Abbott as the Prime Minister of Australia made a political gaffe or blunder when he stated “I guess our country owes its existence to a form of foreign investment by the British government in the then unsettled or, um, scarcely settled, Great South Land.”

But this was no blunder. It was intentional and showed the true values and beliefs of this Prime Minister. When he stated he wanted to be seen as Australia’s first Prime Minister for Aboriginal People it was about paternalism and intervention because we obviously are not capable of managing our own destiny.

According to Abbott we need to be told what to do. His personal interest though didn’t appear to last long instead relying on others, Noel Pearson, Nigel Scullion, Warren Mundine and Andrew Forrest to deal with the Aboriginal issues amongst themselves. In doing so Abbott has totally ignored any Aboriginal leaders outside this inner sanctum, including the majority of his own Indigenous Advisory Council.

Then, over the weekend he comes out stating that the arrival of the First Fleet was the “defining moment” in the history of this continent. Then he said it again, “Let me repeat that: it was the defining moment in the history of this continent.”

And yes there are those who support the comment including Herald Sun columnist, Andrew Bolt, coincidentally the alleged “most read columnist in Australia”, which says something in itself.

Like a little kid who won’t give up a grudge Bolt writes “to properly defend Abbott’s comments means risking legal action under the very Racial Discrimination Act he now won’t change”. Bolt obviously learnt his lesson when he lost his legal case against “Fair Skin” Blackfella’s – not!

And that’s the whole point. These fellas just won’t learn, what’s more they refuse to learn no matter how much evidence and history is put before them. Bolt finishes with the line: “Abbott has reopened the history wars. But he may find many people won’t dare help him win them”.

After all the facts, research and history these men still are in major denial as if the massacres and frontier wars never happened. This is the real damage Abbott and his mob are doing to yet another generation of Australian children. They are denying our children the truth………

The term “great Australian silence” was first used by anthropologist W.E.H Stanner in describing how we Blackfella’s had been erased from Australian history and consciousness. So, yes, Abbott has no moral compass when discussing Blackfella issues…….Abbott also thanked the IPA for its work defending “western civilisation”.

Understand this, Abbott is a staunch colonialist, this is who we are dealing with and every Blackfella who stands by this man … that will be your legacy……

No debate, no argument – that’s the problem. This is confirmed every time Abbott gets up and displays his love for Western civilisation. We live in a racist society and are educated by its racist school system that only teaches about white contribution and history – that is fact.

And so the people who graduated from this education system listen to Abbott and read Bolt, nodding their heads in agreement because they just don’t know or care about the truth.

Racism is not part of the human condition, it is taught. You are not born racist, you are born into a racist society… you have to be taught to be a racist…….

we have new government policies wanting to take further control of community townships, after causing the poverty to begin with. Our communities are now being asked to hand over control with new 99-year leases, which under Australian law is virtually an acquisition.

In return government would pay a lump sum which, while a pittance, is a massive incentive to people who are forced to live in Third World poverty. But, wait – the money to pay for the leases would come from the Aboriginal Benefit Account, a mining royalties account controlled by the Minister for Indigenous Affairs, and not from general revenue funds, which means they will be using money that already belongs to Aboriginal people to take control of some of the most valuable, naturally resource-rich land in the world.

This goes beyond corruption and gives a further explanation of Abbott’s love for Western culture, a culture he has obviously learned very well.
Dr Woolombi Waters is a Kamilaroi language speaker and writer and is a lecturer at Griffith University. He writes a weekly column for the National Indigenous Times. Email:

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