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UV radiation a hazard on cloudy days, too

Canberrans not as skin savvy as they should be  December 7, 2014   Canberra Times reporter Only one in three Canberrans perform monthly skin checks and just 20 per cent are worried about unhealthy skin, a new report card on skin health has found.

New research reveals many Australians still believe the misconception that sunburn happens mostly on hot, sunny days and more than a third did not think sun protection was necessary on cloudy days.

The Skin Health Australia Report Card, released by not-for-profit organisation the Skin and Cancer Foundation, also found nearly one-third of adults did not check their skin for signs of skin disease.

In the ACT, nearly nine out of 10 respondents with skin issues regarded them as a cosmetic problem. The report card said one of the biggest misconceptions was that skin health was a cosmetic problem and one that did not require medical attention………..

Many people still did not understand the effects of UV and there was still a belief that the risk of sunburn or skin cancer was confined to hot, sunny days only, he said.

“You can get sunburnt on a sunny day if the temperature is cool.”

Sunburn is caused by UV radiation, not temperature, and the SunSmart program recommends avoiding the sun or using sun protection when UV levels are at three or higher, even if in the sun for only a short time.

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