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South Australian nuclear lobby imports UK shill Tim Stone to spruik for nukes

uranium-enrichmentHerald Sun reports –  NUCLEAR energy is “cheap, safe and low carbon’’, world-leading nuclear expert Dr Tim Stone says

Dr Stone is a visiting professor to University College London’s Adelaide campus. (Same Uni Department that sponsored Stefan Simons  – promoter of nuclear submarines for Australia
He will be speaking at a Committee for Economic Development of Australia event about the State Government’s royal commission into the nuclear fuel cycle tomorrow.
And this is where Tim Stone comes from : –

Office for Nuclear Development  

The Office for Nuclear Development (OND) was created in September 2008/9. ‘It focuses on removing potential barriers to investment, and signals clearly to the industry the serious intent of the Government to push forward nuclear new build
  • Tim Stone, Senior Adviser to the Secretary of State for BERR and to the Chief Secretary of the Treasury on new nuclear power: he is the Chairman and founder of KPMG‘s Global Infrastructure and Projects Group.

Protecting the nuclear industry from bad news

In July 2012, The Guardian revealed OND emails that revealed how it worked closely with E.ON and RWE to soften the impact of a major blow to plans for a new nuclear programme……

Sharing intelligence with the industry

In December 2011, The Guardian revealed how the OND was “quietly exchanging intelligence on key policies with multinational companies in an effort to protect and promote their plans for new nuclear power stations”.

It shared information about the handling of the EDF‘s application to build the first of the new nuclear stations at Hinkley Point, in Somerset.

It also sent EDF and the Nuclear Industry Association details of its court battle against Greenpeace, which is trying to block the Government’s nuclear plans…….

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  1. The Editor
    The Advertiser

    David Penberthy is correct when he says “the debate in South Australia right now clearly isn’t about the production of nuclear weapons” (The Advertiser, 13/3/15). This is because, thanks to the Premier and his mates in the nuclear industry, debate about such distasteful facts as nuclear weapons and the nuclear industry’s disastrous past is being gagged by the terms of reference of the Royal Commission.

    As the name implies, the farcical Royal Commission has all the hallmarks of an undemocratic device to put a fake seal of approval on a done-deal within the reigning Labor-Liberal duopoly.

    Just look at the pitiful parade of nuclear junkies appearing before various government committees and being thrust on the public through the commercial media. Some of these even have the gall to claim to not be pro-nuclear despite a history to the contrary.

    This travesty of a debate doesn’t alter the facts which, as has happened in the last two Queensland elections, are likely to bite devious politicians where it hurts most.

    Dennis Matthews


    Comment by Dennis Matthews | March 13, 2015 | Reply

  2. The Editor
    The Advertiser

    Whilst belittling socially aware South Australian schoolteachers and environmentalists The Advertiser seems to be totally comfortable with pro-nuclear visiting British professors quoting numbers “suspect to challenge” and Japanese Professors supporting nuclear reactors and nuclear waste storage in Australia (The Advertiser, 13/3/15).

    The British Professor is from the University College London, which has a campus in Adelaide, has had very generous funding from the people of SA but looks like closing its doors in the near future, and which appears to be a Trojan Horse for the uranium mining and nuclear energy lobby.

    The Japanese Professor is an “expert on international law” and as far as we can tell has no particular expertise on uranium mining, nuclear reactors or nuclear waste dumps but who claims that Australia could offer a “cradle to grave” solution to the nuclear industry. The people of Fukushima would be experts on that, but neither The Advertiser nor the esteemed professor of international law seems to be in a rush to talk about the reality versus the mirage.

    Dennis Matthews


    Comment by Dennis Matthews | March 13, 2015 | Reply

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