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Abbott government to help South Australia remove restrictions on the nuclear industry

Federal Gov White Paper on Energy prepares way to cut red tape on nuclear industry


Abbott-nukemonkTHE Federal Government is positioning itself to cut red tape blocking development of a nuclear industry in South Australia.

The Federal Government’s White Paper on Energy, launched on Wednesday by Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane, says the Commonwealth will consider the findings of SA’s royal commission into the nuclear fuel cycle.

“The royal commission will allow for a considered and informed community discussion on nuclear industries and energy, examining the opportunities and the risks,” the White Paper says.

It adds the government wants to work with states by “responding to technical developments and the streamlining and removal of any unnecessary regulation”.

Mr Macfarlane has said the Federal Government will not lead a push for nuclear energy. His spokeswoman said yesterday this remained the case but the Federal Government wanted to ensure it had the expertise to deal with any change advocated by SA.

SA Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis welcomed federal co-operation. “A lot of the imports and exports of this industry are regulated by the Commonwealth,” he said. “Having Canberra on side with our royal commission is a great boost.

“It’s important to understand exactly what impediments there are to the importation of spent fuel rods.

“It’s important to understand the impediments to exporting uranium through all of our ports around the country; understanding exactly what grade of uranium can be exported and imported.

“So the red tape reduction is all about making sure that whatever industry we want to build in this state can be accomplished.

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