Australian news, and some related international items

Nuclear news in Australia this week.

a-cat-CANPolitics. Pro uranium policy in the Draft ALP Conference Platform. Federal parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Treaties deliberating on uranium sales to India.    Senator Leyonhjelm & Senator Day – nuclear power is fine: wind power is the danger! Senator Bob Day wants nuclear submarines built in South Australia

Revealed – America’s long term push to make Australia accept nuclear waste.

White man’s greed for uranium mining behind closure of remote Aboriginal settlements? Aboriginal cultural heritage depends on remaining on homelands.

Australia’s nuclear lobby keen to “educate” schoolchildren

South Australia. Agricultural scientist warns that South Australia’s agriculture will be endangered by nuclear fuel chain developments. Aboriginal concerns over South Australia’s plans to store nuclear wastes.

South Australia Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission.

Renewable Energy  Labor, Coalition agree on new renewable energy target.  Australia leads the world in percentage of homes with solar power. BHP funded think tank Grattan Institute unfairly critical of solar energy. Australians overwhelmingly prefer solar energy – survey results.  Solar trams for Melbourne. Small scale solar power from Australian company transforms slum life in India. Australian breakthrough solar technology built in Cyprus in five weeks. Tasmania keen to fast track electric vehicles – and become 100% renewable energy powered

Climate change. Australia’s public sector now losing its climate change experts. Tony Abbott likes the Bjorn Lomborg recipe for inaction on Climate Change.   Bjorn Lomborg remains confident about his climate action delaying centre. Labor Party firmly supporting price on carbon

Environment. Environmental powers handed to the States – will mean falling standards.  Federal and Western Australian govts’ systematic attack on environmental critics.

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