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Maitland-Newcastle Catholic diocese holds forum “Transitioning to Renewable Energy”

Maitland-Newcastle diocese takes up Pope Francis’ support of environmental issues June 9, 2015, The Hunter’s involvement on the transition to renewable energy will come into focus during a public environmental forum preceding a letter from Pope Francis on environmental issues. The Social Justice Council of the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle will host the public forum “Transitioning to Renewable Energy” at St Pius X High School on Wednesday night.

A group of Maitland students, ­teachers and residents will attend.

The forum follows Pope Francis’ announcement that his highly anticipated encyclical letter on environmental issues to be released on June 18.

A group of experts will present their findings on the need to transition to renewable energy and what that means for the Hunter. There will be particular emphasis placed on a just transition for miners into other forms of livelihood and how renewable energy can be supported in the Hunter.

This year’s theme for World Environment Day is “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care,” with the premise that humanity’s survival is dependent on the responsible management of the world’s natural resources and the reality being that consumption is far greater than the planet can sustain.

Social Justice Council member John Hayes hopes the forum will attract young people to champion the cause and drive the transition to renewable energy.

“Humanity is relying on everyone, but especially young people, to take seriously the stewardship of creation. Today’s youth are more empowered than any generation before it,” Mr Hayes said.

“Although we are all learning ­together about the environmental impact of generations before us, the global village is depending on them to step up and ensure a sustainable future for the world.”

A statement from the Founders of World Environment Day, United Nations Environment Program, says: “Humanity is relying on everyone, but especially young people to take seriously the stewardship of ­creation. Today’s youth are more empowered than any generation before it.”


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