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 Missing Fiscal information that should be key to any Energy generation decision

burning-moneyCaptD, 7 July15  I think it would be very helpful to begin to publish both near and long term comparisons between the money spent on all forms of Energy R&D and the money spent on actually installing different types of Solar (Renewable) Energy Generation. This information would enable a much needed discussion about where to best invest limited Energy capital to maximize its return while at the same time also benefiting mankind.

For example, the money spent on a new Nuclear reactor, like Hinkley C or SMR reactor R&D could instead be spent immediately on new Wind or some other form of Solar that would then start generating Energy (and start paying for themselves) in the very near future!

I would suggest that a 10, 20 and 30 year analysis would provide both decision makers and the public with a glimpse of their Energy future that few if any can now visualize. Today very few, if any, really understand what the long term “costs” are of new Energy R&D vs Solar Energy generation, which is why I believe this data will lead to not only a transformation in the Energy marketplace but also the way it is discussed from now on.

Since nobody that I know of is now providing this fiscal comparative information, which I believe should be key in any Energy decision, perhaps you would like to help model the way by starting to connecting the dots, so that everyone can better picture future Energy generation.

If I am right, then future shock will be provided by Renewables!

If half of the money spent on NEW Nuclear Energy Generation was spent on NEW Solar (of all flavors) then the World would be an order of magnitude safer than it is now, since far more people would be far less dependent upon traditional Energy sources not to mention that the air would be cleaner!

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