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Don’t let the nuclear lobby shut you up! Submissions to Royal Commission due by 3rd August

a-cat-CANIf you’ve been thinking of making a submission, I hope that you have not been intimidated by the Royal Commissions Issues Papers – by either their  ambiguous and confusing content, or by their complicated process for submitting.   These submission procedures are set up to be easy  for AREVA, EDF, Toshiba, Lavalin SNC, Terrestrial Energy, Bill gates’ Terra Power – or any other international  nuclear company.

And – hard for the ordinary person.


  • you can send in a submission on paper, if the Internet process is not convenient for you.
  • You don’t have to make comments on every question on the Issues Paper – just ones that you are interested in.
  • You can add your own ideas, outside of their set questions,  though the Commission wants them to be at the end, in an Appendix.


Your submission doesn’t have to be long.  They want you to download and use a Cover Sheet

They want you to have your signature witnessed, and signed by a JP or a Commissioner for Affidavits. A member of the police force will do. In some States, pharmacists, teachers, and others will qualify. This is a hassle, but not that hard to do.

If you don’t want the hassle of scanning it all into the computer – to send via the internet, to, you can post it to Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission GPO Box 11043 Adelaide SA 5001.  You can even phone them, and arrange a verbal submission  o8 8207 1480

More information at the Commission’s website



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