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Institute of public affairs works hard for the coal lobby

logo-IPA-wolfIPA: Coal lobbyist and climate skeptic factory, Independent Australia, Graham Readfearn 30 July 2015 The fossil-fuel funded Institute of Public Affairs has just a released a report promoting the potential of the Galilee Basin, which just happens to be a project by one of its funders — right-wing, mining billionaire Gina Rinehart. Graham Readfearn from DeSmogBlog reports.

The Institute of Pubic Affairs holds the unofficial and dubious title of being Australia’s leading climate science denial organisation.

The so-called “think tank”, based in Melbourne, promotes fringe views on climate science from non-experts while attacking renewable energy………

The IPA has worked with Rinehart’s lobby group, Australians for Northern Development and Economic Vision, to push for a lowering of taxes and regulations in the country’s north to promote mining projects. IPA executive director, John Roskam, confirmed to Fairfax media in 2013 that Rinehart had provided funding to the IPA.

The IPA also gave Rinehart a “Free Enterprise Leader Award” in 2013 during its 70th anniversary dinner, attended by a who’s who of Australian conservative politics including Abbott and Rupert Murdoch.

But has the IPA’s decision to go all out in support of Galilee Basin coal come too late?  ………,7999

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