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New website advises on protection from UV rays

UV-radiationSlip, Slop, Slap 2.0: New website tells Australians how much sun protection they need A new index measuring ultraviolet rays will give sun-lovers Australia-wide a new way to figure out how much protection they need outside.

Exposure to sunlight is a balancing act, with too much UV radiation raising the risk of melanoma and premature ageing. However, sunlight also boosts vitamin D production, which is vital for the health of bones, boosting the immune system, and balancing mood.

 The new index can be found on the MyUV website or through the SunSmart app, and also provides daily forecasts. The developers of the website said sun protection is not recommended when the index is below three.

The UV index is not dependent on temperature, reaching 1.8 by 10am in Sydney today, peaking at three at noon, before dipping to 1.8 at 2pm.

In Australia’s southern states, the midday sun is mild enough to usually render protection unnecessary. However, in summer, a few minutes of exposure to mid-morning or late afternoon sun should produce enough vitamin D. It is also recommended to expose larger areas of skin in short bursts to avoid vitamin D saturation.

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