Australian news, and some related international items

Remembrance of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing, and this week’s Australian nuclear news

This week is marked by Hiroshima commemorations around Australia -news reports from  Canberra , Lismore, Newcastle  are already online. Some splendid writing by the Mirrar people of Northern territory , and by Prof Tilman Ruff, and Dr Sue Wareham  on the atomic bombing, and on moves to ban nuclear weapons.

CLIMATE CHANGE This month I am concentrating on the damage that climate change is doing to uranium and nuclear facilities. I was prompted to this by hearing of the disastrous wildfires in the Northern Hemisphere, that threaten the nuclear industries. Australia’s turn will come – what insanity to plan for the nuclear industry in Australia’s summer climate conditions! Climate change makes nuclear power unviable and unsafe for Australia.

Australian Youth Climate Coalition calls for NO Bjorn Lomborg Climate Centre at Flinders University,   What’s Australia’s water security under future climate? Olympic Dam Uranium mine- Australia’s largest water guzzler – it’s criminal in a dry climate.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA  South Australia Nuclear Royal Commission – outcome is already decided?   A #NuclearCommissionSAust for the nuclear industry, not for the people of South Australia. Tom Kenyon MP revealed as the man who sold the radioactive trash idea to South Australia Short term greed overtakes long term prospects in South Australia’s push for nuclear waste importing.

 All the submissions to the Royal Commission that have been uploaded so far can be found by clicking on the four pictures on the following page:

Two good submissions to the Royal Commission on Issues Paper 4:

As Alinta coal mine to close, opportunity opens for solar thermal plant. South Australia’s new wind farm creating 250 construction jobs.

Uranium mining executives still profess their faith, despite the gloomy situation for the nuclear industry. In reality, uranium mining is being phased out.  Uranium miner ERA losses slump, yet again.

Wind inquiry: Australia’s pro-nuclear Senate trio downgrades nation’s peak medical research body. The Senate wind farm inquiry report designed to kill the industry. Senate inquiry into wind power a ‘stitch up’.

Renewable energy Largest coal mining union backs Labor’s Renewable Energy Target. Australian Renewable Energy Agency helps kick off Queensland’s ‘Virtual solar plant’.  Energy storage is revolutionising electricity – especially in off-grid solar


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