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News Corpse’s Adelaide Advertiser faithfully parrots pro #NuclearCommissionSAust propaganda

News-Limited1Dennis Matthews., 15 Aug 15 Is there is to be no end to the amount of rubbish being heaped on us by the ruling elite?

Putting a pro-nuclear, militaristic commissioner in charge of an inquiry with a jaundiced terms of reference has produced the predictable pro-nuclear propaganda from vested interests (The Advertiser, 11/8/15).

And for what purpose?

So that their powerful friends can build more mines to dig up state-owned mineral resources as fast as possible, returning a pittance to the state, ignoring the wishes of the land’s rightful caretakers, consuming vast amounts of precious resources of water and energy, radioactively polluting large tracts of land stolen from the First Australians, employing as few people as possible and dismissing them at a moment’s notice?

Or worse?

August 15, 2015 - Posted by | General News

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