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Importing #nuclear waste is illegal. The Lucas Heights returning waste is an exception

a-cat-CANI hope that The Age and other media will make clear the fact that this radioactive trash returning from UK and France, emanates from radioactive trash that originated at Lucas Heights. Australia is legally obliged to take it back. A completely different proposition from the hare-brained idea of importing foreign nuclear wastes.

Lucas-wastesUnder Commonwealth and State laws, no nuclear waste repository can be set up in Australia, with just this one exception.

The nuclear lobby, and the South Australian government will use this exception to confuse the public – so that this exception could become a foot in the door for the ill advised plan by some greedy Australian individuals, and by the desperate overseas nuclear companies, for South Australia to become the world’s nuclear toilet.


September 3, 2015 - Posted by | Christina reviews, wastes

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