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Walkatjurra Walkabout: Week two on the road

Env-AustAn update from week two walking on the special red-earth country of the Northern Goldfields
 By Marcus Atkinson, 2 Sep 15: “Hello again from the desert. …
The mine would bring devastation to the local environment which
would be catastrophic for the traditional custodians and local pastoralists.
We heard from linguists and anthropologists about the language
revival programs … We also heard from traditional owners and
politicians about the history of the government’s protection of
Indigenous sacred sites, … While the situation is very difficult, the
spirit of the people who are sharing their knowledge is strong
(and infectious). …
After those two days at Yeelirrie we were back on the road.
From Yeelirrie we walked South East toward Yakabinde. … ”

“This walk is a physical and spiritual journey.
We listen and reflect, we walk and rest, create and sing,
and we breathe in the air of the beautiful land.
We are sharing our skills with each other. … We are
privileged to be on this beautiful land and hearing from
the traditional custodians fighting to save it, learning culture
and watching the birds fly ahead. We will continue to walk
steadily for a future where this beautiful land is preserved and
the dangerous uranium is left in the ground.”

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