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Naomi Klein’s book is helped with marketing, by Australia’s climate criminal Tony Abbott

Book-Naomi-KleinClimate Criminal Tony Abbott Is The Best Marketing Possible For My New Book: Naomi Klein, New Matilda, By Thom Mitchell, 6 Sept

Australia is leading the world in willful ignorance on climate change, says one of the world’s most prominent activists. Thom Mitchell sat down with Naomi Klein.

Canadian writer, activist, and film-maker, Naomi Klein has called out the Abbott government’s response to climate change as perhaps the worst in the world, describing the nation’s targets carbon reduction targets as “egregious” and our Prime Minister as the “best marketing” possible for her new book, ‘This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate’……..

Klein’s book is predicated on the argument that having failed to take any meaningful action for two full decades, the solutions to climate change must now involve a radical restructuring of global economies to provide the cash needed to cut out carbon, but it is couched in a vision of the climate crisis also acting as a catalyst for the progressive redistribution of wealth.

“The argument I make in the book is that the ideology, the world-view, that Joseph Stiglitz has called ‘market fundamentalism’ simply cannot accommodate what human beings need to do in the face of the climate crisis,” she said.

“This is an ideology that wages war on the regulation of corporations, wages war on the idea of collective action, is constantly trying to liberate corporations from the burden of taxation and that is just not compatible with what we need to do in the face of a civilisational crisis like climate change.”…….

Klein, who is also a board member of climate advocacy group, said that developed nations need to be slashing carbon pollution by 8 to 10 per cent year on year to keep within the two degree rise in average global temperatures the governments of the world have agreed is ‘dangerous’.

While the movements pushing for stronger action on climate change are winning, Klein said, “the problem is this [movement] is also on a firm and unyielding, science-based, deadline” and even the most ambitious targets countries have announced fall short of the pace of change science tells us is needed…….

For better or worse, Klein argues, global warming will change everything.

Klein said the broader economic agenda of the Abbott government – which has promoted the regressive concentration of wealth into the coffers of the nation’s richest or foreign mining moguls like Gautam Adani, the Indian billionaire attempting to develop the nation’s largest ever coal mine – is driven by the same neoliberal ideology that shackles climate action.

“What the book is arguing is we don’t just need climate action, we need climate justice; we need to take action on climate change in ways that simultaneously fights inequality and improves quality of life for the vast majority of people,” Klein said.

“Some people are going to have to sacrifice because some people have way too much — I would include myself in that category. But the fact is that most people are going to have a better life than they have right now if we do this right, if we transition right.

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