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World Nuclear Association to play the ‘Climate Change Card’

a-cat-CANAustralia’s nuclear propagandist Ben Heard is over in London, attending the World Nuclear Association’s Symposium. Hear has been advising them on how to spin the pro nuclear. message to the public.

It seems that the big message of the nuclear lobby is that lie that “Nuclear can solve climate change”


World Nuclear Association urges industry growth to 25%, WNA  10 September 2015 The global nuclear industry should aim to achieve a 25% share of world electricity production by 2050, Agneta Rising, director general of the World Nuclear Association said today. To do that it will need to add 1000 gigawatts of new generation capacity.

In her opening remarks to delegates at the association’s annual Symposium, being held in London this week, Rising said there are political and regulatory barriers to overcome in achieving this target, and the industry could find more ways to reduce its own costs. “But we have a goal,” she said.

That goal is the focus of the association’s new Harmony initiative. To achieve it, Rising stressed the industry was capable of adding 50 GWe of capacity in 2015-2020, 125 GWe in 2020-2025 and 825 GWe in 2025-2050……

To achieve the 1000 GWe target, the World Nuclear Association has outlined three objectives in its Harmony initiative – a level playing field for nuclear among sources of electricity generation, a harmonised regulatory process, and an effective safety paradigm. To achieve them, the industry must manage the challenges with deregulated markets and nuclear energy taxes, high capital investments, grid system costs and subsidies for alternative sources of electricity. It must also seek to gain recognition for nuclear power for its low-carbon generation.………..

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    See above Link for all the excellent diagrams: (- Posted by waddawadda )

    Here is IEAs unenviable record on renewables prediction. They blew it. Repeatedly.
    Successive annual rejiggering could never catch up to renewables growth. They kept trying to fit a linear graph to an exponential growth.

    Here are their projections for zero renewable growth set against the backdrop of explosive exponential renewables growth.

    Here is solar and wind LCOE. From Lazards.

    Here is nuclear LCOE.

    Kind of hard to believe projections of too cheap to meter nuclear based on todays evidence.

    Kind of hard to believe based on any evidence.

    In fact, according to Citigroup,
    “On nuclear, Citi says cost overruns at the Vogtle plant under construction in Georgia — now slated to cost $15 billion, way above expectations — mean that nuclear is pricing itself out of the market. Citi puts nuclear’s LCOE at 11 cents/kWh, which it said is relatively expensive, versus combined cycle gas plants and solar and wind.”


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