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17 October – Sydney University – Dr Helen Caldicott on “South Australia as the Worlds’ Radioactive Waste Dump’


Make sure to RSVP to this amazing event! – go to the Sydney Democracy Network page 


Helen Caldicott will discuss the medical implications of converting South Australia into the world’s radioactive waste dump. The terms of reference for the Royal Commission into South Australia’s nuclear industry do not address health impacts for nuclear workers of the general public, despite the legacy health issues arising from nuclear weapons testing and uranium mining in the state.  What some have described as a Trojan Horse of the Commission is the search for a place to dump nuclear waste.  Industry advocates are seeing dollar signs, not danger signs or protest signs, in their sustained effort to target South Australia as an international nuclear waste repository


Caldicott-2013Dr Helen Caldicott 

Dr Helen Caldicott has devoted the last four decades to international campaigning to educate the public about the medical hazards of the nuclear age and the necessary changes in human behaviour to stop environmental destruction.

In 1971, Dr Caldicott played a major role in Australia’s opposition to French atmospheric nuclear testing in the Pacific; in 1975 she worked with the Australian trade unions to educate their members about the medical dangers of the nuclear fuel cycle, with particular reference to uranium mining.

Returning to Australia in 1987 from the US where she founded the Women’s Action for Nuclear Disarmament WAND), Dr Caldicott ran for Federal Parliament as an independent. Defeating Charles Blunt, leader of the National Party, through preferential voting she ultimately lost the election by 600 votes out of 70,000 cast.

Dr Caldicott currently divides her time between Australia and the US where she lectures widely. In year 2001, she founded the US-based Nuclear Policy Research Institute (NPRI), which became  Beyond Nuclear. Currently, Dr Caldicott is President of The Helen Caldicott Foundation/, which initiates symposiums and other educational projects  to inform the public and the media  of the dangers of nuclear power and weapons.

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