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Past week in nuclear news Australia

n.b. Australia’s top nuclear expert Jim Green on ABC Radio National “Ockham’s Razor” next Sunday 18 October at 7.45 a.m. EST (later available as podcast) Dr Helen Caldicott to speak at Sydney University on Sat 17th October.

a-cat-CANCritical scrutiny on Australia’s stance on nuclear weapons.

Secrecy on nuclear waste plans, as Fed govt delays announcing site for radioactive trash dump.

Govt to investigate ERA’s Ranger uranium mine burnoff and subsequent Kakadu fire.

Unable to sell them at home, Westinghouse trying to flog uneconomic nuclear reactors to Australia.

Labor Party to launch a managed, predictable, energy transition process.

South Australia Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission -an Aboriginal group slams its processes.   Is the Small Modular Reactor (SMR) a lemon? – a critical look at the public hearing held on October 7th.   Royal Commissioner Kevin Scarce says South Australia as radioactive trash dump is our best nuclear bet.

CLIMATE CHANGE. AUSTRALIA’S SHAME: getting UN climate draft to drop action to help climate refugees.  Displacement Solutions (NGO for climate refugees) targets Australia as worst climate offender. Climate draft for Paris leaves Australia further behind in its lack of climate plan.   Climate Change Authority gets five new board members in possible reprieve.   Talking about bushfires: we should be talking about climate change too.

Trans Pacific Partnership‘s Investor-State Dispute Settlement [ISDS] provisions are bad for environment.

RENEWABLE ENERGY PM Turnbull could end the govt’s war on wind farms; but will he?  New South Wales town Uralla shows the way to 100% renewable energy.  Perth home entirely powered by solar energy shows the way. New low-cost, high efficiency solar panel launched in Australia. Study finds that storage for solar energy can replace gas in our electricity networks.

Water. Australia’s Great Artesian Basin – what will its future be?

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