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Quick roundup of Australia’s nuclear/climate news

a-cat-CANTry as I may, I can’t seem to make this weekly news roundup shorter. I don’t expect that people will read it all, or go to all links.  However, just the 3 top links here are very much worth reading. They deal with the subject of ionising radiation.  On October 7 Dr Helen Caldicott is speaking at Sydney University on this subject. Meanwhile the global nuclear lobby is intensifying its propaganda lie that ionising radiation is harmless.

  1. Three Nobel Prize winners calculated the genetic damage of nuclear energy.
  2. Biological Consequences of Nuclear Disasters: From Chernobyl to Fukushima.
  3. Film ‘The Martian” gets it really wrong about ionising radiation.


USA’s Small Nuclear Reactors lobby turns to Australia, as safety rules too strong in USA.

Australia needs a new national identity – blending black and white – Paul Keating. There needs to be a stronger framework for Aboriginal property rights.

CLIMATE CHANGE. Narrow chance left to prevent catastrophic collapse of Antarctic ice shelves.  Adani coal mine approval ‘grossly irresponsible’. Turnbull govt postpones effort to stop environmentalists using legal avenues. To meet climate goals, Australia must double decarbonisation. Australia’s doctors campaign for action on climate change. Doctors plan global day of climate action.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA.    South Australia Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission.  Anti nuclear opinions excluded from #NuclearCommissionSAust’s hearings’   Eloquent Submission to #NuclearCommissionSAust – an Aboriginal Perspective.  #NuclearCommissionSAust’s plan to bring radioactive trash to Australia – by Leasing. Dr Helen Caldicott’s submission concerning radiation #NuclearCommissionSAust.

NORTHERN TERRITORY. ERA concedes defeat on Ranger uranium mining extension. Fall in quarterly production for uranium miner ERA. ERA should be made accountable for fire in Kakadu National Park.

RENEWABLE ENERGY.  network of micro-grids for Australia’s energy future?     Solar cars in Australia . South Australia: subsidy for large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) projects.NSW. Broken Hill’s solar mega-plant operational this year.    Australian Capital Territory inviting Tesla Motors to research renewable energy.  VictoriaAustralia’s govt urged to push renewable energy – ‘All Energy Australia’ in Melbourne.


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