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Being mindful of overconsumption and bad business practices will help to stem our planet’s degradation. But for the real answer, we need to look inside, writes David Rogers.
Seen from the point of view of a biologist, the success of Homo sapiens as a species is at the expense of many of the other species that share the planet. The key concepts here are “compression” and “competitive exclusion”: relative to other species, humans are omnicompetent omnivores that eat virtually every other edible animal on the planet and eliminate those animals that compete for resources in their evolutionary niche.
Seen from the point of view of an ecologist, the competitive success of humans threatens to be self-defeating. Humanity has co-evolved with a wide range of other species, and exists in a web of co- dependencies. The most vivid example of this in recent years is its reliance on insects for pollination…

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