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In Japan , 13 Prefectures refuse to host nuclear waste dump

antnuke-relevantflag-japanThirteen prefectures say no to hosting nuclear waste depository, Japan Times, 29 Nov 15  KYODO A total of 13 out of the nation’s 47 prefectures say they would refuse to host a final disposal site for highly radioactive nuclear waste, a Kyodo News survey showed Saturday.

In the survey conducted between late October and early November, 13 local governments said they would “never accept” such a facility, eight sounded negative, while 24 declined to clarify their position and two said they will “carefully consider the possibility.” None showed a positive stance toward hosting the site.

In May, the government introduced a plan in which it will choose candidate sites for burying high-level radioactive waste based on scientific analysis, rather than waiting for municipalities to express a willingness to host a final depository.

The change of policy reflects the lack of progress made in the process of soliciting candidate sites that began in 2002 due to safety concerns.

For permanent disposal, high-level nuclear waste needs to be stored in a final depository more than 300 meters underground for up to 100,000 years until radiation levels fall and it no longer poses a threat to humans and the environment.

Among the 13 prefectures opposed to accommodating a disposal site, four host nuclear power plants…….

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