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2016 Australian Issues For Nuclear News

a-cat-CANI plagiarise myself here – Five big nuclear issues for 2016 — and Australia’s role in them. In short the issues are:

  1. Nuclear Weapons. We can’t go on pretending that Australia is  a disarmament hero when we continue to host America’s secret Pine Gap site, rely on the “nuclear umbrella”, and enthusiastically support USA’s every militaristic move – e.g by surveillance flights near China coast.
  2. Indigenous rights. This is such a big one. When is mainstream Australia going to wake up to the fact that we can’t just leave it to the Aborigines to resist the nuclear empire?  Are we going to sit back and let the nuclear/mining industries take over heritage Aboriginal land – as in Western Australia right now.
  3. Renewable energy. The dinosaur energy industries, and especially nuclear, prevail on the Australian Government to stifle 21st Century renewables –  and this, in the country that has the best potential for renewables, and the greatest likelihood of climate disasters. Are we going to stay an international climate pariah?  And anyway, despite the government, it’s all happening in solar and wind here.
  4. Australia as the world’s nuclear waste dump. The shonky  South Australian Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission has from the outset, aimed for Australia as the global nuclear toilet. The pretense that this is just a little South Australian State matter cannot go on. It’s a National matter, and our media is a disgrace for not having covered this throughout 2015.  It will be an election issue, too, and Labor will be put on the spot.
  5. The propaganda war. Gotta restrain my rage here, but Australia, like the rest of the world, will be hearing plenty about how “nuclear fixes climate change” and how “radiation is not bad for you, after all”.  That’ll be a test of our journalists – will they toe the corporate line? (Well we know that THE AUSTRALIAN will)

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  1. The Editor
    The Advertiser

    As a long-term resident and former Greens candidate in the Mayo electorate, the recent polling (The Advertiser, 8/1/16) indicates to me that Jamie Briggs is in trouble.

    Briggs was brought in from interstate and got 41% of the primary vote in the 2008 Mayo by-election. In 1998 the Democrat’s John Schumann held Alexander Downer to 46% and in 2004 independent Brian Deegan got 15% of the primary vote from a standing start. Obviously, the Mayo electors take elections seriously and cannot be taken for granted.

    Enter a candidate for Mayo backed by the politically astute Nick Xenophon.

    The Federal Government’s contentious nuclear waste dump proposal and the SA Government’s equally contentious Royal Commission into the expansion of the nuclear industry both come to a head before the scheduled 2016 Federal election.

    I am therefore puzzled as to why Xenophon has not announced his nuclear industry policy.

    Dennis Matthews


    Comment by Dennis Matthews | January 11, 2016 | Reply

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