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UK’s search for nuclear waste dump – an abuse of democracy


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e By Greig Watson BBC News 18 January 2016″………Steadily produced since the end of World War Two, the question of what to do with the nuclear waste from civil, military, medical and scientific uses has been causing equal measures of fear and frustration for decades.

Campaigner Eddie Martin says: “It’s very worrying, scary even. They have been looking for somewhere to put this material for decades and it keeps coming back to Cumbria.

“…….This is basically an engineering project like no other. Its timescale will dwarf the oldest cathedrals.

“We also need to ensure we can guarantee the records will be kept of what is down there and where. It has to last for hundreds of years and how many records have we lost since the Tudors? Or the Romans?”

So, from the carefree days of dumping it in the Irish Sea there dawned a realisation the predicted 650,000 m3 of nuclear waste needed a more permanent solution. So where are we in the process? And how did we get here?……..

After much local protest, permission to proceed with detailed geological surveys was refused by Cumbria County Council in January 2013.

Dusting itself off, the government restarted the process, in the meantime passing legislation that left any final decision about a location in the hands of ministers……

“The only thing which stopped it last time was the balance of local interest and scrutiny that the county council brought.

“Now they are running the same search again, which will come up with the same result, only this time they have legislation in place to make sure the county council can’t stop it. It’s an abuse of democracy…..

It is expected the surface buildings alone will cover 1km sq. The underground tunnels will stretch for 10-20 km sq. On a Cumbria scale, that is bigger than Carlisle.

It will take decades to build and predicted costs are almost unguessable – but most estimates agree on billions of pounds.

But before these technical issues are tested, RWM must do something that has eluded the authorities for decades. Find a volunteer community.

This has not been made an easier by the US disposal site being temporarily shut down after leaks and continued doubts over GDF designs……..

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  1. Nuclear Waste is the ultimate long term investment for all those that will profit from its storage!

    Foe everyone else it is a FOREVER DEBT…


    Comment by CaptD | January 19, 2016 | Reply

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