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Australia: nuclear news this week

a-cat-CANMercifully short newslist today – I hope. I’ve been preoccupied with reading all the dreary pro nuclear Submissions to the South Australia Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission. (You can read the Submissions here, or my potted versions here. )

Nearly all pro nuclear Submissions come from people with either obvious or vested interests in the nuclear industry, (in contrast to the variety of sources of anti nuclear Submissions)

Anyway, the Commission will announce its tentative findings on 15 February. These are their likely recommendations. The pro nuke lobby is beavering away,  lobbying especially lobbying  the ALP.

My favourite pro nuke Submissions come from Geoff Russell, who sent in two. I am indebted to the Twitter troll “Thomas Huxley” for recommending these as “essential reading” . Russell devotes his confusing jargon to rubbishing thee media, reputable authors, governments, because he knows, and ?proves it with confusing jargon, that ionising radiation is just nothing to worry about. Falling off a solar roof is the big public heath worry. Another Geoff, Geoff Hudson, wants the Commission to go for floating nuclear reactors at sea.

South Australian Cabinet gets two new pro nuclear enthusiasts.

Australian Nuclear science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) not honest about cyclotrons.

The campaign against Oman Ama nuclear dump site is gaining momentum.

Mongolia secret [but failed] nuclear waste deal – a model for Australia?

Oh my God! Global Warming Is Affecting The TENNIS!

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