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George Bereznai’s Submission to #NuclearCommissionSAust – religious faith in “new nukes”

This is a comforting submission that the world can keep on making radioactive trash, in the religious belief that, with faith,  sometime in the future, geewhiz nuclear reactors will solve that problem. ( “it is expected”  by whom? Those with clear or vested interests in the nuclear industry.)

archbishop faith

Bereznai ( engineering qualifications) wants nuclear power for South Australia.

He’ s not keen on uranium enrichment, but thinks that nuclear fuel conversion and fabrication might be viable.

He pushes for nuclear power – “ the supply of electricity needs to be centrally managed, and must meet the demand at all times. ….base load” . For nuclear as pretty much  greenhouse emissions free. Wants the RC to supply information to get “social licence”

“waste. …… is in reality a unique feature, and can be seen as a key advantage of nuclear-electric generation.”……

“The safe management and storage of fuel that has been irradiated in the normal operation of a nuclear reactor has been well established and demonstrated by several thousand of reactor-years of operations”

“It is expected that by the time radioactive fuel needs to be moved from above ground dry-storage to deep geological repositories, fast reactor technology will have reached a level of economic viability wherein the reprocessing of previously used nuclear fuel will be implemented.


While some long lived radioactive by-products may remain after reprocessing and subsequent passes through fast reactors, these volumes will be very small, and can be permanently stored in deep geological repositories.”

“significant benefits to South Australia’s citizens would accrue in the areas of economy, environment, health and safety by …. the construction and operation of nuclear electrical generating units in South Australia.”


January 24, 2016 - Posted by | Submissions to Royal Commission S.A.

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