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scrutiny-Royal-Commission CHAINSubmission to South Australia Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission  –ASSOCIATION OF MINING AND EXPLORATION COMPANIES (AMEC) 

A common theme is emerging in the pro nuclear Submissions to the  RC.  Apart from the common factor these Submissions mostly come either directly or indirectly from vested interests, their common agenda is very often that the RC should recommend public education about the nuclear industry. (and I don’t think that they mean informing the public about the environmental, health, safety, economic hazards – quite the reverse.)

  • An equally important theme is to push for removal of laws that accept the nuclear industry as especially hazardous, due to its special  danger of ionising radiation:


AMEC wants “The removal of “mining or milling of uranium ore” from the definition of ‘nuclear action’ in section 22(1)(d) of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999”

  •  AMEC confines itself to promoting the uranium industry –  getting tax-payer incentives for exploration, easier licensing, Commonwealth funding,  and lessening regulations, weakening environmental approval processes e.g:

“Early implementation of the ‘one stop shop’ environmental assessment and approval process.”

“it is important that the policy barriers applying to container ports identified for uranium export are removed”

  • Importantly AMEC wants to make making it easier to get around Native Title:

“Priority focus on resolving outstanding Native Title claims.

Mechanisms that will provide greater clarity and certainty to third parties who need to engage with the Applicant and native title claim group outside the claims process (for example in the context of making future act and heritage agreements) are required.

That consideration should be given as to whether an Applicant can authorise an agent to act on its behalf, and what powers can be abrogated to the agent.”

  • And on course  – the public education bit:

“The development of a national public education and awareness strategy”   The challenge is to increase public education, awareness, confidence and acceptance of the uranium industry.” …’




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