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China halts construction of 2 nuclear reactors, due to safety concerns

safety-symbolflag-ChinaChina admits nuclear emergency response ‘inadequate’ as safety concerns halt construction of two Guangdong reactors, South China Morning Post,  Wednesday, 27 January, 2016, Stephen Chen  China admitted on Wednesday its nuclear emergency response mechanism is “inadequate” for coping with “new situations and challenges” arising from its nuclear power plants.

The central government also said it had halted construction of two new-generation nuclear reactors in Guangdong province, because of safety concerns, but vowed that they would not be abandoned……..

Concerns over nuclear safety in Hong Kong and Macau have caught particular attention of the central government. A section in the white paper was dedicated to the issue with promise to “answer public concerns in time” and “clear the doubts”.

Xu Dazhe, chairman of the China Atomic Energy Authority, told a press conference on Wednesday that the construction of the two European Pressurised Reactors in Taishan, in Guangdong, had been delayed owing to safety concerns…….

State-owned nuclear companies are also trying to sell their technology and reactors to other countries, including Britain, while considering controversial projects such as building a floating nuclear power plant in the South China Sea to provide remote islands in disputed waters.

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