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Charles Waite’s Submission to #NuclearCommissionSAust wants tax-payer to buy Small Modular Nuclear Reactors

Submission pro nuclearEnergy.Proj.AU presents: C. M. Waite’s CONSOLIDATED PAPER A Submission to SA’s Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission C. M. Waite, M Sc, B Sc Ed .

Charles Waite’s Submission to the South Australian Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission is  a hymn of praise to new nuclear technology.

“South Australia has before it a great opportunity to PIVOT into Nuclear Energy”

“SA Government announced its $20 Billion plan to PIVOT the State to a Nuclear Energy economy”

“Molten Salt Reactors have been proven safe, viable & reliable”

And also a hymn to to those new nuclear companies, – Bill Gates’ Terra Power, Terrestrial Energy, Transatomic Power etc

Emperor's New Clothes 3

Interestingly, he does not recommend GE-Hitachi’s IFR PRISM reactor as too expensive.

Waite wants the South Australian government, i.e: the taxpayer to buy “new nukes”

“It seems to me “best” for SA to own+run some WAMSR’s, so that it has at least some customers for its processed Fuel Rods.”

“SA should consider owning some MSRs, ie, rather than being dependent on the whims of a private generator; since SA Govt’s announcement of a plan to PIVOT the State to a Nuclear Energy economy”

Waite’s chosen location for these new, untested Molten salt Nuclear Reactors?  – near South Australia’s desalination plant ?(Port Stanvac)

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