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March 11 an important date for Australia, and for the world.

sign-thisFor Australia, March 11 is significant as the closing date for submissions –  submit comments to the National Radioactive Waste Management Project.  The government pitches this plan as a sort of medical necessity. Not true. The real purpose is to store the radioactive trash due to return soon from France, and later from UK. This trash is the processed “intermediate level” nuclear wastes produced by the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor. Australia is obligated to take it back. It is not a large volume, and could be stored at Lucas Heights.

The selected communities don’t want this radioactive trash dump, despite the bribes offered by Government. It is also seen as a “foot in the door” for the cranky South Australian plan to invite in the world’s nuclear trash.  It’ snot too late, even now – to send in a comment: see tips on how to do this. 

For the world. It is the 5th anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear catastrophe. A catastrophe that continues –  with the molten cores of the reactors not even found, with thousands of bags of radioactive debris, over 1000 tanks of radioactive water, and more accumulating every day, with radioactive leakage to groundwater and to the Pacific.  A huge workforce of thousands daily involved in the clean-up, and no effective monitoring of their health. The government urges evacuees to return – but people are not convinced, especially about bringing children back to the irradiated zone.

And Japan, and the global nuclear industry pretend that all is well with the nuclear industry! And Fukushima will be OK again. Shades of Dr Pangloss in Voltaire’s Candide – “all is for the best, in the best of all possible worlds”


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