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Until 18 March, South Australia Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission will accept responses to its Tentative Findings

Royal Commission tentative findings

It’s a well kept secret from the whole of Australia, but the nuclear lobby plans to invite in the world’s most toxic nuclear trash – to poor old South Australia – the State with the greatest potential to be a world – leading renewable energy hub.

This plan can be stopped – as it has been before.

One step in exposing and stopping this noxious plan by a few greedy people is to RESPOND TO the ROYAL COMMISSION’S TENTATIVE Findings.    their Guidelines are here 

It’s not that difficult. The Commission put up fewer obstacles this time. Say what you really think.

You can find good advice on sending  a response at Action Australia

By the way, the COVER SHEET has to be signed, which implies that the comments should be posted. I am posting mine, but because of concerns about the postal service these days, I am sending it by email, too. It’s not as hard as last time – much as the Royal Commission would probably like to intimidate us all into not bothering. Please bother!    Comments can be lodged via email to:



March 12, 2016 - Posted by | NUCLEAR ROYAL COMMISSION 2016

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