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Kevin Scarce dodges the vital questions of debt & safety from #NuclearCommissionSAust plan

ferretNuclearCommissionFerret, 18 Mar 16  A meeting was organised by ALP MPs Frances Bedford and Tom Kenyon for their constituents in the north east suburbs of Adelaide. Royal Commissioner Kevin Scarce was the only speaker, there was no balance with a nuclear critic speaker.

Kevin Scarce was asked the question:

” what happens if we accept high level nuclear waste for interim storage, then don’t have enough money when it comes time to build the deep geological dump.  We’ll either end up with waste we can’t store to the safest extent possible, or a debt.”

Scarce dodged the question 5 times, twice when he was asked in the group and 3 times when the questioner approached him one on one. When our nuclear critic reporter joined in and seconded in asking the question,  he said “you can second him all you like” then he got angry and turned and walked off.
I also asked the same question on the form where they will get written answers for you.
The presentation was totally different to the Town Hall one, totally different slides. Scarce was very practiced as he spoke without looking at the slides.
I asked Tom Kenyon MP if he was going round all the SA ALP branches with the same presentation and he said no, Scarce was too busy. So that’s something. He also said he wouldn’t be opposed to a referendum and it would cost $4-5 million which is not unreasonable for a project this big.
The mood of the room was generally skeptical and anti, and there were no pro nuke questions.

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