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Terrorism’s next step – attacking a nuclear site?

Next Stop For ISIS: Nuclear Power Plant? Brussels Police Race Against Time, INQUSITR, Nancy Bailey,24 Mar 16  

Brussels terrorists were lining up plans to take over a nuclear power station, authorities said. During a December raid in the apartment of Mohammed Bakkali, a suspect in the ISIS terror cell, anti-terrorist police discovered 12 hours of video footage that revealed their next potential activity. Islamic State group members were watching the home of the research and development director of the Belgian Nuclear Program, tracking his movements and possibly planning a kidnapping, according to the Daily Mail.


Ibrahim and Khalid El Bakraoui, the brothers who blew themselves up in Brussels attacks on Tuesday, were spying on the nuclear director. The footage was confusing at first, since it showed the entrance to the director’s home. It was documenting the activities of the top nuclear researcher and his family. But after watching the entire 12 hours, police determined that the group’s agenda was to get inside a nuclear plant.

Claude Moniquet, a French former intelligence official who was hired to investigate potential plots targeting Europe’s nuclear sector, told NBC News that the brothers had used a hidden camera to monitor the home.

Belgium has thus far refused to release the name of the director for security reasons and the protection of him and his family………

Armed troops have been dispatched to nuclear facilities in France and Belgium, and both countries are on high alert. All non essential staff have been sent home. ……..

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