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Transfer of radioactive trash across the globe is such a con job!

a-cat-CANThis transfer of wastes from UK to USA is such a con job. It’s portrayed as a “win win”, with the pretense of obtaining medical radioisotopes for diagnosis and treatment of cancer. . What a lie! What an unequal swap!

First of all, medical radioisotopes can be obtained without use of nuclear reactor, as Canada is now doing. By use of non nuclear cyclotrons – linear accelerators, these radioisotopes (most being very short-lived) can be made close to the point of use – a much more practical system.

Second, the whole transport idea is bizarrely unsafe –  passing through or over communities, waterways – risk of accident, of terrorism.

Thirdly, it is madness to set up this “exchange” plan, in order to prolong this noxious industry, and with that silly figleaf of nuclear medicine tacked on top of it.

Blind Freddy could see that the number one priority is to stop making radioactive trash

April 6, 2016 - Posted by | Christina reviews

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