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Aboriginal nuclear test survivors to join Japan’s Hibakusha in Nagasaki

Maralinga nuclear test survivors connect with Japanese bombing survivors, ABC News, AM By Natalie Whiting 14 Apr 16, They are two communities separated by continents and culture, but connected by a terrible past.

Members of an Aboriginal community affected by nuclear bomb tests at Maralinga in the 1950s are connecting with nuclear bomb survivors in Japan.

A group of artists from Yalata in South Australia are flying to Nagasaki to unveil a sculpture for its peace park, which will be the first Australian sculpture in the memorial.

The exchange is also allowing the two groups to share stories and discuss their experiences.

Yalata community leader Russell Bryant was part of a group that last year travelled to the peace park in Nagasaki, one of the Japanese cities hit by a nuclear bomb during World War II.

“When I went there I [saw] a lot of sculpture from different places, from overseas and there’s nothing there for Australia, from our country,” Mr Bryant said.

The people from Yalata and nearby Oak Valley had stories to share with the nuclear bomb survivors in Japan.

Anangu people were forced to move to remote communities because of the British nuclear tests at Maralinga. “They didn’t know what was happening in Maralinga, when the bomb went off, some people survived, some people died,” Mr Bryant said……..

Mr Brown said one of the main aims of the project was to connect nuclear bomb survivor groups.

During the first visit to Japan the Anangu people sat down with the Japanese survivors, called hibakusha………

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