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Breakfast with the Toffs, after May 6th Nuclear Royal Commission announces wonderful waste import plan

a-cat-CANSpin all over the place about Australia’s so wonderful opportunities in the uranium/nuclear industry! It’s all part of the leadup to  the shonky Nuclear Fuel Commission’s unsurprising recommendation that South Australia should import radioactive trash.

I guess they had a good time with the charade of the Royal Commission, jaunts overseas for the nuclear shills, and the spurious business of taking submissions –  of course, as Kev says, the antinuke ones were mostly “emotional, so they don’t count anyway.

RC breakfast

Let’s begin with good old reliable nuclear stooge Kevin Scarce. For just the measly $67.50 , you can have brekky with him – a sit-down hot breakfast, layered berry yoghurt muesli shot, seasonal fruit, brewed coffee, T Bar teas and fresh juice.

Meanwhile, Kev will tell you how you beaut it will be when South Australia goes full steam ahead with importing radioactive trash and expanding the nuclear fuel chain. See more at Action Australia.

Anyway, it’s  a suitable breakfast price. We do want to keep the great unwashed out, after all .

Meanwhile, back at the struggling, barely surviving uranium mining industry, they are putting on  a bold face, too.

The Minerals Council of Australia’s Uranium Forum has today released a range of material that purports to demonstrate the potential benefits of further developing Australia’s uranium industry. ‘Uranium: Untapped Potential’ includes a poster, a series of videos featuring industry experts and voices, and social media material highlighting the untapped potential further growth of the uranium industry offers Australia.  They’r on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. linked in, as well as the usual mainstream media.


April 20, 2016 - Posted by | Christina reviews, NUCLEAR ROYAL COMMISSION 2016

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  1. Uranium prices have fallen again and are headed for an 11 year low with no sign of stopping there.


    Comment by Dennis Matthews | April 20, 2016 | Reply

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