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Petition against South Australia waste dump plan launched by USA Nuclear Information Service

text don't nuclear waste AustraliaHelp stop A Global Mobile Chernobyl! Nuclear Information and Resource Service, 23 Apr 16,   A group of politicians and businesspeople are developing a plan to build an international high-level nuclear waste dump in South Australia–a nation that has no commercial nuclear reactors. The plan is strongly opposed by many South Australians and by an overwhelming majority of Aboriginal people, who own the land.

The Australian Nuclear Free Alliance, representing Aboriginal people from across Australia, calls on nuclear nations NOT to dump nuclear waste in Australia. The nuclear industry has a track record of Aboriginal dispossession and environmental pollution–from atomic bomb tests to uranium mining to nuclear waste dump proposals.

NIRS is supporting our friends in Australia and we hope you, and your organization, will too, by signing on to a petition of support by going hereYou can also learn more about the issue at this site.

Individuals: please sign the simple statement of support below.

Dear friends in the Australian Nuclear-Free Alliance community, 

Thank you for your commitment to “Keep It in the Ground” by your efforts to stop uranium mining in your lands. 

We stand with you. We, the people, must and will stop the dirty, deadly and deceptive nuclear industry. We have heard that your lands are now being targeted by global nuclear waste companies. We are the community of Nuclear Information and Resource Service supporters. Collectively and as individuals, we commit to speak out and act to prevent your home from becoming a dumping ground for global nuclear waste. 

Our planet and our struggle is shared and NIRS and ANFA are stronger together. 
Thank you for standing for health, hope and your home. We stand with you.

USA only – 847 signatures so far

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