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A not particularly anti-nuclear Submission still objects to #NuclearCommissionSAust ‘s bias

Scarce thanks experts 1Response to Tentative Findings of Royal Commission into the nuclear fuel cycle Submission by Gary Rowbottom,

“…….there is very little information on ILW [Intermediate Level Waste] presented in the Royal Commission Issue Paper (No.4) on the hazard level and required safe containment/storage method or duration required for ILW.

During the tentative fmding delivery by Mr. Kevin Scarce in Port Augusta in February, the day following the release of the tentative fmdings, I asked Mr. Scarce of the SA Government Royal Commission, “how long ILW was dangerous for, and needed to be stored safely for” – he replied “hundreds of years”, but one of his advisors piped up at that point & said, “No, there is no specific figure, it depends on the specific radionuclides involved etc., but is generally in the thousands of years”. The FederalGoverment National Radioactive Waste Management Project information indicates hundreds of thousands of years.

I am very concerned at this disparity of information. I think that whole ILW question needs better thinking and collaboration between the SA Government and Federal Government investigating agencies on this issue, to establish the truth and to then represent this true story to the public…….

I am further a little concerned too that Mr. Scarce, in his delivery of the tentative findings, a mere day after the release of these findings, seemed to be critical of any comments made in opposition to deepening Australia’s involvement in the nuclear fuel cycle, often citing lack of evidence for viewpoints expressed. ……

I would have to say that it seems there is a fair bit of evidence that the commission members themselves are in the majority, clearly quite pro nuclear. I am not happy at the lack of subjectivity that may have brought to the findings, particularly on the waste issue. Whilst Mr. Scarce did say that they did look at the negative sides of all the Issue papers, there is not much evidence of that in the Tentative Findings Report…….

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