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South Australia’s wine industry is worried about #NuclearCommissionSAust’s plan

SUBMISSION OF: SOUTH AUSTRALIAN WINE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED This submission is specifically focussed on the key issues of brand value, reputation and recognition, with further consideration of the impacts on tourism, regional infrastructure, natural resources, and legacy issues.

SAWIA notes with interest the high level of detail in regard to the technical aspects of the possible involvement of South Australia in the global nuclear fuel cycle as presented in the Tentative Findings. However, it was disappointing to note that, in contrast, “Impacts On Other Sectors” was given relatively little attention and it would be desirable to understand this in more detail to better evaluate the potential risks and benefits. The potential impact on the wine sector is the basis of our submission, for which the Tentative Findings provides insufficient information on which an opinion can be formed.
wine threat
SAWIA notes that its members have genuine concerns about the potential risks to the reputation of the South Australian wine industry in the event of a nuclear accident occurring on South Australian soil.
Such a risk would also have the potential to harm the State government’s economic priority of ‘Premium Food and Wine produced in our Clean Environment and Exported to the World’ …….

May 6, 2016 - Posted by | significant submissions to 6 May

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