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The week to 8th May, in nuclear news

a-cat-CANThis should be mercifully short, because I have been preoccupied with the Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission South Australia, and mostly paying attention only to the 170 recent Submissions that have at last (May 2nd) been published on the Commission website.

Contrary to Commissioner Kevin Scarse’s dismissal of criticisms as ‘just opinion’ ’emotional’, ‘not  fact-based’, many critical Submissions are thoughtful, reasoned, and evidence based.

On this website can be found significant extracts from a number of these Submissions.

Submissions came from individuals and organisations. Their criticisms focussed mainly on economic issues, and on indigenous rights. Other issues were safety, especially regarding transport of radioactive trash, security, employment, legality, climate change effects, environment, health, and democratic rights.

A pro nuclear group from Adelaide, anticipating the Commission’s Report, (to be published on Monday 9th May) went to Finland, and came back ecstatic about the prospect of South Australia setting up a nuclear waste import industry.

Woman arrested in SA nuclear protest   Locals at nominated nuclear dump site share concerns in fiery public meeting

Just the mere $2000 – $4000 for every single Australian – the cost of submarines purchase from France. Liberal coalition plans nuclear submarine fleet so that we can fight China. Australia buying submarines from notoriously corrupt French firm

Liberal and Labor will downplay nuclear waste issues, until the election is safely over.

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