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Biased Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission – will it sink like a rock?

Scarce poisoned chaliceTo make Australia the toilet for the world’s radioactive trash – this is an extraordinary aim!

To pretend that it’ s just a little local issue – to (supposedly) bring jobs to south Australia – is ludicrous!

By the way – those dirty and dangerous jobs wouldn’t come for decades. Meanwhile South Australia would miss out on its opportunities to be a hub of jobs in renewable energy and clean agriculture, fisheries wine-making, tourism.  If South Australia were to become that global radioactive trash toilet – goodbye to its clean green image!

Of course it’s a National issue – however much our bought politicians of both Liberal and Labor pretend that it doesn’t matter –  not  an election issue – keep it hush hush till December.

Look out for all the pro nuclear tripe from those drinking at the corporate trough.



May 7, 2016 - Posted by | Christina reviews, NUCLEAR ROYAL COMMISSION 2016

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