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Nuclear Royal Commission: it is a National, not a State matter – Robin Foley

text don't nuclear waste AustraliaNuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission Response – Robin Foley 

“……-Management & Storage and Disposal of Waste 63
66 The decision to have a Nuclear Waste disposal site should be a Commonwealth decision. No State should have the ability to import nuclear waste from other countries. The proposal to import and store Waste nuclear material has impact on the whole nation and they should be consulted.
83 Assisting countries lower their carbon emission by taking their nuclear waste and maintaining security and costs until the “end of time” to get the SA Government a few years of spending money.
89 Controlled and owned by Government forever does not guarantee safety and good management neither does commercial or contracted management.
93 a Only covers income and costs for 70 years. This facility will have to be maintained forever …

May 7, 2016 - Posted by | significant submissions to 6 May

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